2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Patricia Swindells

    This is a first for me – I have never posted a blog before how ever the pupils at Glebe school have shown the way. So all I have to do now is find a topic that might be interesting – no pressure then! If anyone has a suggestion of what they would like to read from a Governor then please let me know.

  2. Julia Heggie

    I have been looking at the Year 4 IT session and enjoyed the imagination and great descriptions that were being used when children were shown a picture. It’s really impressive that spellings were good – it can be easy to make typing mistakes (I do it often enough!), but this sessions showed that children take the same pride in their IT skills as they do with their written work.

    Well done

    Thank you to the kind boy who came over and helped me pick up some cones from the playground at the end of school one day last week. Your help meant that parents and children didn’t step on these at home time and the cones didn’t get broken. You are a very good example of the behaviour we expect to see at Glebe.


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